Patient Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it! Read what some of our patients have had to say about
Dr. Glen W. Hisel, D.D.S. and his office:

“Dr Hisel is a very compassionate dentist, taking the clients needs and peace of mind into consideration. This same kindness is matched by his friendly staff. I don't believe I've ever considered my dental visits a pleasant experience until now. Having a root canal worked on was very unnerving, but Dr. Hisel did a great job preventing pain and discomfort. Having not been to a dentist in a long time, he focused on the areas that need immediate attention so my insurance would cover the work provided.” - Kristina Lutge

“I've never had a "bad" or even a mediocre experience at your office. Every time has been excellent. You have competent people, you keep up with the advances in dentistry, and you and your staff are always pleasant with your patients. Your dental hygienist is incredibly competent, she is the front line to dental health. She recommends good habits that work for phenomenal oral hygiene to develop as does the dentist. Your dentistry is excellent. I'm three quarters of a century old and still with all the teeth with which I was born. This is result of the dental skills and abilities of you and your staff. The occasional "mistake" that occurs has always been fixed in a competent and efficient way to retain a tooth with a problem, and maintain the health of the remaining teeth. This serves as a testament to the skills of you and your staff! I have recommended you to several.” - Bob T.

“As I anxiously waited for my son to get his wisdom teeth out, the staff was friendly and informative about my sons care. After care was explained to both my son and I. My son is wanting to go back and continue working with Dr. Glen W. Hisel on his oral hygiene. That wins my concerns. Wonderful experience.” - Fred W.

“My husband, David Vaughn, has been going to Dr. Glen W. Hisel D.D.S. since 1996. That many years going to one dentist should tell you how great Dr. Hisel is. David would never ever go to any other dentist except him. He is exceptional, professional, kind hearted and treats everybody like they were his next door neighbor!! David kept encouraging me to change dentists when I moved to Clovis, which I did, but I felt that I had such bad teeth and gums that no dentist could help me. Dentists in the past would always be so discouraging–always telling me that my gum disease was beyond improvement. Well, I was so wrong. From the initial visit at his office Dr. Hisel gave me hope and moved me forward to beautiful teeth and healthy gums. I love to smile now ad show my beautiful teeth!! Thanks Dr. Hisel for being such a great dentist in this town of Clovis, New Mexico. I can’t believe that Clovis has such a treasure in this town. If you need a dentist that can perform wonders on your teeth or want an exceptional dentist, we highly recommend that you call on Dr. Hisel. He is the one and only!! He has a wonderful staff, we especially want to acknowledge Janae, for always keeping up with all our insurance information and paperwork and our wonderful dental hygienist Kelly.” - Olivia Vaughn

“My four children and I have been patients here for about a year. I have been very happy with the cleanings and treatments we have received. All the staff are very friendly and professional. I would recommend them to all my military friends!” - Sholly Walker

At the office of Glen W. Hisel, we are
"Working Together to Keep Your Teeth Healthy for Life."