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Safeguarding Your Smile with Diabetes: A Dentist's Guide to Better Oral Health

March 25, 2024

Diabetes is a serious condition affecting millions of people worldwide. It can lead to complications in many areas of your health, including oral hygiene. That's why it's essential for anyone with diabetes to take extra care of their teeth and gums. At Glen W. Hisel, DDS, our dedicated staff offers comprehensive oral care tailored specifically for those living with diabetes.

Understanding Diabetes

When someone has diabetes, it means that the body is unable to either produce or properly use a hormone called insulin. Insulin helps convert sugars, starches, and other foods into energy that our bodies need to function. Too much unused sugar in the bloodstream can lead to long-term complications like heart disease, stroke, kidney problems, eye issues, nerve impairment, and difficulty with wound healing.

Diabetes and Oral Health: The Link

Given the myriad of health complications associated with diabetes, it's unsurprising that this condition can also significantly impact your oral hygiene. Research indicates that individuals with diabetes face a heightened risk, three to four times more likely, of developing periodontal disease (gum disease), accompanied by an increased incidence of tissue damage and bone loss.

People with diabetes are generally more susceptible to bacterial infections and have diminished abilities to combat such infections. Furthermore, the relationship between diabetes and gum disease is a two-way street: findings suggest that advanced periodontal disease can also influence blood glucose levels, further complicating blood sugar control and exacerbating the progression of diabetes.

Diabetes, particularly when uncontrolled, can manifest itself in other oral health issues as well. Dry mouth, a condition that reduces saliva production necessary for dental hygiene, may develop with diabetes. This situation increases the risk of tooth decay and potential dental infections.

People with diabetes are also more prone to post-operative complications following dental surgery and poor wound healing. They exhibit an increased susceptibility to fungal infections like thrush (candidiasis), burning mouth syndrome, and oral lesions. Therefore, maintaining good oral hygiene is paramount for those living with diabetes.

Promoting a Healthy Smile: Tips from Our Office

For individuals with diabetes, establishing a partnership with our office is essential to maintaining optimal oral health and protecting overall well-being. Regular dental check-ups, preventive care, a balanced diet, and diligent oral hygiene routine at home can go a long way toward minimizing the risks associated with the condition.

While living with diabetes poses challenges for oral health, proactive care, effective management, and a collaborative partnership with our office will enable you to maintain a healthy, beautiful smile. Remember, at Glen W. Hisel, DDS, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality dental care tailored specifically to your unique needs.

To learn more about how we can help you manage your oral health while living with diabetes, please don't hesitate to contact us or schedule an appointment today. We look forward to being a part of your journey toward better overall well-being!

Existing Patients: (575) 762-3711

New Patients: (575) 329-8320